Ch Jagannatha's Ystra Syster is mated with Jagannatha's Jondalar (4 cc) Both with eyes clear and full bite. A linebreeding to Ch Ishkur Poseidon of Oceanus. Top Studog of the Year 2006. Puppies are born the 3rd of June 2007. Puppies pedigree.

Jangel's Sweet Pack'n Pumpkin (sire: CH Mr Sandman's The Tinman)
is mated with S & SF CH Jagannatha's Yggdrasil - BOB & BIS-2 SvVK in Svenstavik, BOB & BIG-2 SKK in Svenstavik, Best Male placed in all joined shows 2004. Both have "eyes clear". The puppies are born August 6, 2004. A very exciting litter! For further information see "Puppies".